E Commerce Store Development

In recent years, online commerce has only grown, and it seems that this upward trend has only just begun. This is undoubtedly due to the multiple possibilities and advantages offered by selling on the Internet. Now you can not only impact a local audience, but with the right strategies you can reach people anywhere in the world.


E-commerce is an alternative to your physical store, which allows you to expand your business to market more products or services remotely through the Internet. This electronic marketing practice was born in the 1990s, and over time it has managed to create trust in the market, thanks to the success that many businesses have achieved through this sales channel.

What do we offer you?

Our online store creation service offers you specialized know-how so that your online store reaches popularity levels and achieves the desired success. To do this, we focus on the design of your company's website , on development strategies, such as Branding, analysis, customer management, social marketing, SEO, payment systems, and integration and support for commerce sites. custom electronic. As you see, we specialize in providing powerful and flexible e-commerce solutions designed for the growth of your business.

What are the benefits of electronic commerce?

The importance of developing an online business in parallel to a physical store, is already unquestionable. No one doubts that appearing first on Google increases the profitability of any business. These are the advantages of having an e-commerce:

Access to a global market

With the use of the Internet, there is no longer a geographic limit with respect to the sales market, since this system allows you to expand your business and capitalize clients around the world. With our service you no longer need to intensify your campaigns to convince your customers to visit your store, with an electronic store, only a few clicks will be enough for your customers to enjoy the offers and services that your business offers them.

This advantage not only benefits you as a business owner, but the entire service chain, such as suppliers, customers, assistants, etc. Opening to the world market is a guarantee of the success of online sales. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that to reach this global market, you must apply good online marketing. In this sense, our e-commerce experts in Madrid offer you a highly professional service that will help you achieve this dream.

Customer orientation

Customer orientation is one of the most interesting advantages when developing an Ecommerce in the Madrid region. In fact, this process allows service providers to quickly identify the websites of companies that need your services or products. At the same time, as an online store owner, you can also identify the customer who needs the product that your business offers. This allows providers to save money and know where to focus.

Speed ​​in the sale transaction

With online trading, the long waits for customers to be served are over. The online services and products of your business may be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From anywhere, customers can buy and be served quickly.

What aspects does our agency take into account to develop your Ecommerce in Madrid?

The first essential element is the name of your online business. Your visitors should easily remember the name of your store, therefore, you should choose a short and simple name, easy to pronounce and that is linked to the products you offer.

Once you have chosen the name and brand of your online store, we are dedicated to developing your website both in the back office and in the front office; and to personalize every detail using tools like WordPress and PrestaShop.

  • Free Consultation : Our online store creation process begins with a free consultation in our office to analyze your business, your target market, and how the website will be designed, in terms of colors and images.
  • Design Creation : An e-commerce site for your business continues with an exploratory phase, during which our e-store development experts analyze your industry and discuss all the alternatives and possibilities.
  • Shopping cart s: Our designers will start creating an online store where they will integrate your products with a “shopping cart” software that will allow customers to order online.
  • Inventory Loading : After developing the e-commerce site that works best for you, we work hand in hand to initially load your product inventory on-site, so visitors can browse your catalog.

Finally, we are a highly competent, serious and dynamic team that makes up the best talents of the city in this area. Do not hesitate to contact us to design your electronic store and increase your sales.


The development of an online store loaded with products is no longer enough, but the weight of the strategic approach before, during and after the launch of an ecommerce is what differentiates success from failure.

At Merch India we specialize in defining global e-commerce strategies, not only in terms of UX design or technical development, but also in relation to the business model, logistics, distribution, shipping, payment systems, pricing strategy , return policy, GDPR, photography, content, internationalization, etc.


Our online store design and e-commerce project team is an expert in Conversion Oriented Design or CCD (Conversion Centered Design) and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization). We propose all our projects with a custom design, we do not use commercial templates, which guarantees that your project will be unique and differential, and we develop the custom frontend, taking into account the SEO optimization requirements avoiding Google penalties.


At proun we specialize in developing e-commerce projects covering all phases of the project, from the digital strategy of your project to attracting potential buyers:

Analysis and functional definition

Not all ecommerce projects are the same, our technical department will be in charge of defining the technical operations to implement to cover the functionalities that your project requires.

Technology consulting for ecommerce

The technical architecture of an online store and the functional requirements determine the choice of a CMS for online sales. We will help you choose between Prestashop, Woocommerce, Magento, Drupal, Shopify or any other CMS for ecommerce.

UX / UI design for ecommerce

We take care of the user experience design and interface design phases for your online store. From the initial phases of definition of buyer persona, design of navigation flows, wireframes, interface design, prototyping and global creative direction.

Frontend development

Once we have designed the complete user experience it is time to translate it into code. In this phase, our team of frontend developers will be in charge of laying out all the key screens and integrating them with the chosen CMS.

Backend development

Depending on the CMS chosen, whether it is Prestashop, Woocommerce, etc., the technical team involved will proceed to develop and adapt the CMS to the needs of your online business. We will configure from product management, integration with ERP and CRM, transport configuration, payment gateways, discount tickets, offers and much more.

Testing and implementation

Before publishing your online store we develop all types of unit and functional tests and tests, with the aim of minimizing and controlling bugs and potential technical risks. Once overcome we will proceed to the publication of your ecommerce.

Web positioning for online stores

Although the digital positioning strategy begins much earlier, it is from the publication when the execution of the strategy begins. Within our online marketing services we specialize in the design and execution of digital strategy and web positioning for e-commerce, increasing online visibility and optimizing the sales funnel. We specialize in SEO positioning for online stores, SEM positioning for ecommerce, distribution campaigns on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, affiliate networks, email marketing or email, etc.

Maintenance and support of online stores

Once your ecommerce is public, the guarantee phase begins. If your project requires it, we can take care of maintenance, both at the level of product management, and incremental developments for the implementation of new modules.

Specialized Conversion Design (CRO)

We apply CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) and CCD (Conversion Centered Design) techniques to increase the sales of your online store. Users will not hesitate to add to the basket.

Prestashop and Woocommerce experts

Although we work with all opensource technologies for online stores, we have more than 10 years of experience on these CMS and we know all the possibilities they offer to your online business.

Custom online store development

If your project requires the development of a tailored online store, we are specialists in opensource frameworks such as Symfony, Laravel or Drupal to fully adapt your online store to the business model.

SEO and web analytics

Our expert SEO and digital analytics department can take care of your organic traffic strategy, taking care of generating online visibility that attracts potential customers for your product.

SEM campaigns - Google Ads

In addition to SEO positioning, we are also experts in SEM strategy and campaigns in CPC models. We are certified as a Google Partner and can take charge of managing campaigns in the search network, display network and remarketing of Google Ads.

Social media campaigns

Our digital marketing team is also an expert in the design and development of campaigns for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, especially in retail and B2C projects.

Your ecommerce is yours

In all our online stores we deliver the source code and make a technological transfer if the client requires it, there is no small print, your project is yours.

Your project, guaranteed

Once your website is public, the guarantee phase begins. We offer 12 months warranty on all our online stores, which cover bugs and errors that have not appeared in the testing phase.

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