Bar Cabinet in Blue Color


Dimensions: H 52 x W 36 x D 20 (all dimensions in inches)
Weight: 130 KG

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have gained recognition in the field of?manufacturing?excellent quality range of?Bar Cabinet, Jewellery Box, Watches Box, Bar Furniture, Metal Furniture, Leather Furniture, Drawer Chest,?etc. These products are well-known for their features like smooth finish, sturdy design and high durability.

Industrial Style depicts a raw, unfinished, earthy and elemental look. As the name implies, it draws inspiration from warehouses and urban lofts ? it?s a style which celebrates contrasts. It?s coming together of opposing materials to create a cohesive format. It?s a fusion of old with the new, the bold with muted colours, the shiny with distressed finish, the knotty with the even tones, the solids with the patterned fabrics, or the functional with the outlandish.

A?Bar Cabinet?resembles a small door chest from the outside. But opening the doors reveals wine and spirits storage, a stemware rack, drawers and other necessities. The sides can be opened out and extended to create the look and feel of a standard size home bar.


Dimensions: H 52 x W 36 x D 20 (all dimensions in inches)
Weight: 130 KG


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