Social Media Optimization

Are you an entrepreneur and still do not have visibility on the internet?

We can help you!


Make your brand get its own community and achieve a transparent, direct, constant communication of opinion, aimed at fidelity in a channel that offers great results at a very low price. Get to be on the channel that all your customers use.

At Merch India we manage and optimize your profiles on the social networks that best suit your company.

Let us consult you in your brand social media profiles, we have a social media department specialized in generating high quality content and with a great experience in the management and optimization. To  increase your notoriety, brand image and your sales.

In addition, we will be aware of everything that is said about your business on the Internet so that nothing escapes you ( brand monitoring ) and we will tell you how many people what you are doing reaches them. We respond to the comments of your followers immediately , interacting at all times with your customers.

We carry out the development of the digital strategy to follow in your social networks , we inform you monthly in detail of everything that happens in your social company profiles.

We significantly improve the online reputation of your business and we take care of creating the images and videos you may need. We work with a monthly publication calendar so as not to leave anything to chance .


Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, Flicker, there are countless Social Networks. It will be our job as your social media manager to choose the one that best suits the characteristics of your company to create a community associated with your brand.

We will listen to your clients and then create the best dissemination strategy in each Social Network, we will talk and create links. Plus, you'll gain brand recognition, improve customer service, and earn quality traffic. And remember, being part of Social Networks helps us so that our brand is not forgotten.


What Social Networks does your audience use? What is your online reputation? We will analyze these concepts to develop a strategic plan in Social Media Marketing.

Registration and publication of a professional profile as a gateway to your target audience and your circles or friends.

Consolidation: We will
establish the social personality of your brand or company and we will consolidate it in your sector or market.

We will recruit new users through different tools and recruitment strategies.

If necessary, we will create an advertising strategy on social media.

Dissemination and Management: We will
disseminate interesting content to your audience while we analyze the tastes and concerns of your community. We will execute the role of moderator in the network together with the community itself.

We will offer support and care, trust and transparency to your community.

Traffic: We will
generate traffic to your website.

The social interactions of the medium allow the mention, evaluation and discussion of the brands and companies that participate. We will make reports on brand valuation, engagement and social dissemination results.

Our rates allow us to adapt the price of the service to the intensity, so we will streamline your channel and apply strategies depending on the objectives. The services include the publication of content every day or week, creation of new content, publication of photos and videos, search for new followers, thank you messages, activity report and monitoring in social networks (online reputation monitoring).

Increase your visibility and enhance your brand image

Social networks are a very interesting communication channel to enhance the visibility of your brand or company in every way.

Increase the volume of visits to your website

You can increase the volume of visits to your website through relevant and interesting content for your users, generating more clicks that go to your website.

Build loyalty and communicate with your current and potential clients

It is the ideal channel to share content that loyalty to your target in relation to your activity. Through articles, images, news, etc.

Current Analysis of your Networks

We analyze what the current situation of your social profiles is : what you have created, the content you share in them, the followers and the conversation that is generated. We make an initial assessment in depth to define improvement points and define objectives together.

Sector and Competition Research

We investigate which are the contents in relation to your activity that have the most engagement on the networks, we observe the competition and its strategies to see if they are valid and how many users arrive. It is not about being but being with quality and prominence.

Engagement and Conversation with your Users

Leave the conversation with your clients in our hands . We will look for profiles with which to connect, interesting users to follow and we will talk to them to enhance your engagement on social networks .

Achieve your online marketing goals on social media by letting us manage them effectively targeting your target audience. We will  advise you at all times to make the most of your content on your networks, and to create exclusive content for these communication channels . Don't forget that your current and potential clients are looking for more than just buying products or services, with the content you will reach much more to their hidden insights, generating a better brand reputation and making a hole in their hearts.

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